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The Pharaoh AKHENATON or IKHNATON, called also AMENHOTEP IV, or (neferkheperura-waenra, Akhenaton) was the most remarkable one of the pharaohs. He governed 1300 years before J.C. Amenhotep IV was the son of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III whom nickname was the peaceful man and his wife Tee that was the girl of a king of one of the provinces of Mesopotamia.  After the death of the pharaoh Amenhotep III, Queen Tee took power and coroneted her son Amenhotep IV or Akhenaton as Pharaoh; he was only 12 years old. The ceremony of the coronation took place in the temple of the Sun and not as usual in the Amon temple, at that time they believed that The Sun was the only and unique creator equivalent to the Phoenician god « El ».  While studying the philology of the hieroglyphic writings, one finds that the word «Amen Hotep =Amon Satisfaction » and « Akhen Aton = Aton glory », also we notice that the word Aton is a transformation of the word Adon which means Master or Lord. Akhenaton had been married Néfertiti who was well known by her indescribable beauty. He was the most famous Sovereign of 18th dynasty and the first historic person to establish a religion based on the concept of the monotheism. During his reign, the rite of worshiping the Sun, which is the source of the light and heat had been propagating. He encouraged his people to follow the rite based on the concept of the monotheism. This monotheism had a big progressive and reasonable influence on belief and on politics of the country, in the interest to make whole people devoted towards an only king, an only belief and an only god.  The essentials of this rite were Justice, Truth, Joy, Friendship and Fellowship.  Akhenaton left Thebes and founded his new capital Akbet-Aton = Aton Horizon » known these days as Tall El Amarnah. 
          We shall note that in all the letters of Tall El Amarnah, discovered in 1888 after J.C., the Kings of the Euphrates had dropped in their letters the glorification titles and switched to the simple word « My Brother ». 
     Could we consider him as a preacher «Sufi », preaching Brotherhood, humanity and friendship? On the other hand, did The Pharaoh Akhenaton understand, imply and practice Brotherhood?
     He repeated with his faithful ones, his followers a prayer to the only one and unique creator of the universe. Anthem of Akhenaton to the god Aton engraved in Tall el-Amarnah
     You appear wonderful to the horizon of the sky, you living ATON, beginning of life.  You are bigger, more graceful, more brilliant above all countries as you are Ra,
     You attain the end of all, and none of the men knows your ways.  When to the horizon of the west you disappear, the country enters into the darkness and appears dead. Obscurity becomes a shroud and the silence covers the earth. At dawn when you get up to the horizon by your rays, you hunt obscurity. Trees and plants bloom , birds fly away from their nests, fishes in the river jump in front of your arms, chicks go out of their shells to speak to you. O UNIQUE GOD, Only, You created the world according to your desire and you give to every man the necessary one, You calculate the every life time and you created the men different by their nature and skin color.  You created another Nile in the skies to irrigate the fields, to produce the seeds, and renew the silt of the mountains, O Lord of Eternity!  Your rays suckle every meadow. You did millions of forms of yourself .You are "Aton, light of the day" on earth .You filled my heart by giving it the learning of your knowledge and of your power. 



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